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March 17
SharePoint 2013 REST filter for Yes/No fields

Did you know that if you search for Odata filter examples on boolean fields you will be sorely disappointed?

I did however, find this wonderful tidbit today:

…behind the scenes, that No has been stored as a 0. If you had said Yes, it would have been stored as a 1. SharePoint knows how to interpret this and will display these 1s and 0s as Yes and No for your convenience.
Read more:

February 18
SharePoint REST syntax for methods


To specify multiple parameters, include the parameter as a name-value pair, and separate the parameters with commas. For example:

http://server/site/_api/web/getAvailableWebTemplates(lcid=1033, includeCrossLanguage=true)

So, when trying to activate a feature using the Add method:

POST syntax
POST http://<sitecollection>/<site>/_api/web/features/add(featureId,force,featdefScope)
Resource parameters

What you really need is:

February 18
Setting Workflow Status

A recent project required a workflow that routed approval thru various departments and had a somewhat complex process once the item was approved. As I was exploring the various options in Visual Studio and SharePoint Designer, I came across a difference between the two environments. I thought maybe it would be worth sharing, so I’ve published an article on my site: Setting Workflow Status in Visual Studio and SharePoint Designer

November 12
Webcast: Delivering Solutions with SharePoint 2013

I am excited to announce that I will be delivering a webcast for Critical Path Training for developers. The Developing Solutions with SharePoint 2013 Webcast is being offered January 6-14 during the afternoons (Eastern Time).

This webcast is an ideal delivery mechanism for students who need to learn more about SharePoint 2013 development but do not have the time or budget to travel to a training center for an entire week. The lecture and Q&A are condensed into an afternoon, and the lab exercises are optional and can be completed on your own schedule. Of course, completing the labs after the lecture ends will offer the best experience. But sometimes work gets in the way.

Registration is now open at

I hope to see you online!

November 11
Passing mention of me on the Microsoft Cloud Show podcast

A few weeks back, I presented at the SharePoint intersections conference in Las Vegas. This was a terrific show! The conference was actually a collection of shows covering SharePoint, SQL, Development and web topics (called AngleBrackets).

One evening, the SharePoint speakers gathered in a palatial room occupied by Andrew Connell and Dan Holme. (See what talent at the BlackJack table can get you!) AC and Chris Johnson broke out their microphone and recorded an episode of their new podcast: Microsoft Cloud Solutions.

The shows has a wide range of opinions and comments. Anything attributed to me is purely by accident – I was only there for the beer! But I encourage you to give the show a listen.

November 07
Consuming the SharePoint REST API using WCF Data Services

Over the last week, I have been working on a sample application and companion document that discusses using WCF Data Services to use the SharePoint REST API. The WCF library provides strongly-type objects and management of the communication infrastructure when interacting with OData services.

The document is 15 pages, making it a bit too large for a blog post or web article. I am looking into methods for getting this document published. I appreciate any feedback. Thanks!

Sample App Home





November 01
Metadata endpoint for SharePoint 2013 REST

At the DevIntersections conference this week in Las Vegas, the speakers in the SharePoint track were gathered in the “intersections” room waiting for the seats to be setup. (An intersection is where the attendees and speakers can intersect during a break in the sessions. Sometimes it is called an Q&A.) The topic of the metadata endpoint for a REST interface came up, and Rob Lefferts (PM for the Office Apps team) mentioned that he thought it was released in a CU for on-premises installations. This was encouraging news!

I had a VM with the March CU on it. (It just so happens that it is a VM I use to teach the GSA2013 course for Critical Path.) So, I thought I would start applying CUs to see if/when I could find the metadata endpoint.

Well, turns out that I didn’t have to apply too many. The April 2013 CU has it!!


October 18
Have you helped someone recently?

I have a Surface RT. I put the Win 8.1 preview on it minutes after leaving the store, and have enjoyed the experience.

Until yesterday. The 8.1 RTM upgrade would not kick in. I tried every troubleshooting tactic suggested by every web site I could find. I even reset the device to the factory settings. Nothing.

I finally gave up. I really wanted to avoid lugging the big laptop all over the upcoming conferences (Intersections in Vegas, SPLive! in Orlando) but I had resigned myself to doing so.

But then I received a tweet from Gabor Fari (@gaborfari). I had no idea who he was, but he took the time to reach out. So I looked at his Twitter profile. Works for Microsoft. Maybe he knows something I don’t. But his title is “Director, Business Development and Strategy, Health & Life Sciences. In New Jersey. Not exactly the technical creds I was hoping to see.

Gabor’s suggestion was the page to buy Windows 8. There is a big download button on that page. Unless you browse from a Surface RT with 8.1 preview. In that case it is just a link. Gabor then suggested the ms-windows-store:WindowsUpgrade shortcut. (Which, by the way is the url of the link I was seeing on the page.) I had tried this a dozen times over the last two days, but I clicked on the link on the Surface. I figured I owed it to Gabor. While I was typing the “been there, done that” response in the Twitter window on my main machine, the upgrade launched!

Holy Crap!!!

I credit Gabor for his pay-it-forward attitude. (He claims it was pixie dust. That is OK with me!) Just a ‘softie hanging out on Twitter, trying to make life better for others. Job Well Done Gabor!

October 09
SharePoint Intersection conference

October 27-31, 2013
MGM Grand, Las Vegas, Nevada
Register Now! [Use the code SCHAEF for a discount]

SHAREPOINT INTERSECTION 2013 is an entirely new type of event, and it’s the one event you won’t want to miss. Join the world’s top SharePoint experts, Microsoft’s own product team, and hundreds of peers representing IT, business, developer, and design communities as we intersect to solve business problems and to maximize the value of SharePoint for our organizations.

SharePoint Intersection features more than 50 sessions presented by the best-known names in the industry. As if that’s not enough, five full-day workshops dive deep into key challenges and workloads.

FOR ALL YOU’RE DOING: Training at SharePoint Intersection is not just “50 random sessions”. Instead, the event’s sessions have been carefully laid out to deliver end-to-end guidance and solutions across 11 scenarios or “workloads”

  • Developing Apps and Enterprise Solutions
  • Administering and Managing SharePoint
  • Upgrading and Migrating to SharePoint 2013
  • Strategy, Governance, Adoption, and the Business of SharePoint
  • SharePoint in Office 365, the Cloud and Hybrid Environments
  • Collaboration and Content Management: ECM, IM, RM and DM
  • Search with SharePoint
  • Workflow, Business Process Management and Automation
  • Insight, Business Intelligence and Data Visualization with SharePoint and SQL Server
  • Branding, Design, and User Experience
  • SharePoint Social and Yammer

I am presenting a couple of sessions on Identity. The first will discuss how to get the proper identity (and permissions) for your code. The second will extend that concept into the cloud.

Application Identity: Getting Your Application the Permission It Needs

Scenarios: Development,Office 365

Audiences: Developer,Business

Every operation attempted within SharePoint is subject to the security settings and policies that apply to the objects and principals involved. This session will review how to ensure your program can do what it needs and still keep the farm safe from unauthorized use. Topics covered include the new SharePoint 2013 OAuth model as well as full-trust solutions using the server API.

Securing Your Cloud Applications with Azure Active Directory

Scenarios: Office 365

Audiences: Developer

Writing cloud-based applications to work with SharePoint online provides tremendous value. But is that value at risk to unauthorized use? Just because your computing resources are in the cloud does not mean that they must be available to any internet user. This session will cover the capabilities of Windows Azure Active Directory for securing your cloud applications.

September 09
SharePoint Apps, Security and Identity

This past weekend, Fabian Williams (@fabianwilliams) posted a tale of woe regarding permissions that are in effect during a workflow. (Starts here, with follow-up posts here and here.) Fabian finally resolved his issue, and the core cause was something that has affected every SharePoint developer – permissions!

Under the covers, SharePoint 2013 platform workflows communicate with SharePoint 2013 just like any Provider-hosted App. So, even workflow developers need to understand the security and identity concepts at play. Fortunately, I will be presenting a couple of sessions on these topics at the upcoming SharePoint Intersection conference. This conference presents the opportunity to learn from many experts in SharePoint as well as ASP.Net, Visual Studio, Windows Azure and SQL Server.

The show offers incentives for attendees (Surface RT or XBox One) and I have an additional incentive. Use the discount code SCHAEF when you register to receive a discount off the conference fee.

I hope to see you there!

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