Graph.Community updates - Oct 2020

The Graph.Community library uses a versioning scheme that tracks the official .Net SDK, so the 3.18 release number hides some substantial updates. 🙂

SharePoint Site Groups

The Web request now includes a SiteGroups property that will return a list of SharePoint Groups in the site. This correlates to the _layouts/15/groups.aspx page in the user interface. Additionally, the SiteGroup request includes an Expand method that will include the members of the groups in the same request.

var groups = await graphServiceClient
               .Expand(g => g.Users)

Interactive token acquisition and file-based token cache

The sample program uses the Device Code flow to acquire a token. This release includes a sample (SiteGroups.cs) that uses recently-published capabilities in the Microsoft Authentication Library (MSAL).

On .NET Core, MSAL will start the system browser as a separate process. MSAL does not have control over this browser, but once the user finishes authentication, the web page is redirected in such a way that MSAL can intercept the Uri.

As always, feedback is appreciated. Open an issue, or submit a PR. (Lots of ideas in the roadmap document!)