How I use Stream Deck - Text snippets

Just a short little post (a "snippet" if you will) about text snippets.

See what I did there? Cracking myself up!

There are certain strings you have to type over and over again. Like your name or email address. And when your name is long, it can be a pain. Stream Deck to the rescue!

Start by creating a folder. Since the default icon for folders is not very helpful, change the icon to match the Text action, but is white. The icon is in folder C:\Program Files\Elgato\StreamDeck\Plugins\com.elgato.streamdeck.system.text.sdPlugin\Images

Choosing an alternate icon for a folder in Stream Deck

Then, drop in actions as you need. If you are using them to enter the email in the Azure AD login page, be sure to check the Press Enter after message box. 😉