New Habits: All Things Wild - How is Microsoft Teams fairing out in the wild?

The panel discusses Microsoft Teams mobile and the wider concerns about guidance vs sprawl.

M365 Dev Podcast - Azure Dev Ops YAML Pipelines with Andrew Connell

Jeremy Thake talks to Andrew Connell with a follow up from Corey Roth's podcast on Azure Dev Ops CI/CD. Andrew talks about the new YAML...

M365 Dev Podcast - Azure Data Engineering with Richard Nuckolls

While Jeremy is out camping, Paul talks with Richard Nuckolls about Azure Data Engineering. Richard wrote the book on Azure Data Engineering, and shares insights from...

New Habits podcast - Communications features in Microsoft Teams

The panel discusses new communications features in Microsoft Teams and how they can be used in conjunction with other Office 365 communications features. https://newhabits.podbean....

M365 Dev Podcast - Microsoft 365 Marketing with Mike Ammerlaan

Mike Ammerlaan provides insight to working on the marketing side of Microsoft and discusses the opportunities for developers using Microsoft 365 platform.

M365 Dev Podcast - Configuration as Code and DevOps for Office 365 with Nik Charlebois

Nik Charlebois joins Jeremy and Paul to talk about using Desired State Configuration (DSC) to help organizations implement Office 365 configuration as code.

M365 Dev Podcast - Azure Functions and SharePoint with Rob Windsor

Rob Windsor joins Paul to talk about using Azure Functions to extend applications and Rob's tips & tricks for being successful.

M365 Dev Podcast - Microsoft Graph Toolkit with Nikola Metulev

In this weeks episode, Jeremy Thake talks to Nikola Metulev about the Microsoft Graph Toolkit. He talks about how client side developers can use web components...

M365 Dev Podcast - How to Setup CI/CD for SPFx with Corey Roth

Corey Roth joins Jeremy and Paul to talk about using Azure DevOps as part of creating SPFx solutions.

M365 Dev Podcast - Office 365 CLI with Waldek Mastykarz

Paul talks with Waldek Mastykarz about the Office 365 CLI, going deep on how to use it and how it is built.