Microsoft Whitepaper: Identity & Access Management in the Cloud

Microsoft has published a whitepaper (in conjunction with CIO Magazine) that discusses Identity & Access Management (IAM) via Azure AD Premium. This is a topic near and dear to me. :)

As you would expect of a whitepaper targetted to executives and SMBs, the content is non-technical. But it does a decent job of explaining why IAM is beneficial and it covers the features of Azure AD Premium.

Here is the official summary:

Optimizing identity and access management in the cloud

Learn how to overcome identity and access management challenges and confidently take advantage of the productivity and cost-saving benefits of the cloud without impacting security.

Download 'Identity and Access Management in the Cloud' and learn about:

  • The top cloud challenges faced by businesses
  • How Azure Active Directory Premium can provide single sign-on across multiple apps
  • How to create a secure, mobile workforce with Azure Active Directory Premium
  • How to ensure compliance for regulatory and industry standards using cloud-based apps