Windows Terminal: Tabs support favicon.ico

The big announcement from Microsoft is that there is a new fixed-width, developer font as part of Windows Terminal. (And you can have Terminal inside Visual Studio.)

But what I love is that you can specify a cloud-hosted favicon.ico file as the icon!

      "acrylicOpacity": 0.75,
      "closeOnExit": true,
      "colorScheme": "One Half Dark",
      "commandline": "cmd.exe /k C:\\Repos\\ng4.cmd",
      "cursorColor": "#FFFFFF",
      "cursorShape": "bar",
      "fontFace": "Cascadia Code",
      "fontSize": 10,
      "guid": "{49e3243b-b6bc-4c82-a74d-2d8f2ee3e914}",
      "historySize": 9001,
      "icon": "",
      "name": "ngrok-whv4",
      "padding": "0, 0, 0, 0",
      "snapOnInput": true,
      "startingDirectory": "C:\\Repos\\",
      "useAcrylic": true,