Awarded the Microsoft MVP in Office Development

I am delighted and humbled and honored to receive the Microsoft MVP Award again for 2017-2018. This marks the 7th time that I have been awarded. Different this time is the award category. After four years in SharePoint and two years in Officer Server and Services, I am now in the Office Development category. (This is completely my fault -- I categorized my contributions incorrectly in the past.)

The contribution time frame for the award precedes the announcement by one quarter, so I am 3 months into what I hope will be another award. For this year, I have committed to a few development-related initiatives that I think will help the Office Developer community:

Part of what I think makes the MVP community so terrific is the willingness to share and help others. So, if you have ideas, questions, comments, whatever -- please speak up! You can reach me on Twitter or Facebook. I would love to hear from you.

I must thank Microsoft, the SharePoint product group, the Office Developer Program and the MVP program for continuing to present me the award. I want to thank my fellow MVPs, all of whom inspire me and answer my many questions. And I need to thank my family for putting up with the travel, the countless geek jokes and the many hours that inevitable get spent figuring out some crazy issue.

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