Microsoft Cloudshow Episode on Identity

In mid-November, I had the privilege of sitting down with Andrew Connell to talk about my favorite topic for his podcast ( I had a great time!

Anyone who knows about my (lack of) memory when it comes to names and faces will appreciate that I have a similar (lack of) talent for acronyms. First question that AC asked, I answered wrong. I hope you don't hold that against me. (For the record, ADAL is the Active Directory Authentication Library.)

As I mentioned at the end of the show, here are links to the relevant technologies/products/libraries that we discussed. It was a pretty wide-ranging interview as you can tell from the lengthy list. I encourage you to subscribe to the podcast. It is absolutely worth an hour of your time each week.

Azure Active Directory documentation:

Active Directory Authentication Library:

Azure AD Graph API (maintain users and groups via REST):

Azure Access Control Service (ACS):

Authentication Scenarios for Azure AD:

OAuth spec: and documentation:

OpenID Connect:

OpenID Connect preview for Azure:

Federated Identity:

ASP.NET Identity:

AD FS 3.0:

Directory Integration (Azure AD & On-premises Active Directory):

OWIN (Open Web Interface for .Net):


ChicagosNext Hackathon: