Connecting the Clouds - Article Series

One challenge to many organizations that are moving to the cloud -- how to put all the pieces together. Recently, I was asked how to automate a process to request and approve external users having access to content inside an Office 365 Group. At first glance, this is not a terribly complicated request. But for an organization that is all-in with the cloud it can be a bit intimidating.

I have written a series of articles discussing a solution to this problem. As I described it in a recent tweet:

The series contains the following posts:

  1. Overview of scenario and technologies
  2. Administrator - Configure tenant policies for groups and sharing
  3. End User - Make requests to add external users and monitor status
  4. Manager - Review and process requests
  5. Developer - Fill gaps in process via custom web service

I hope you find this helpful in your move to the cloud. I encourage your feedback in the comments below, on Facebook or Twitter.